Academic Awards and other Prizes

Academic Awards and other Prizes:

  1. Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman's "Lecturer of the Year" in 1998
  2. "Book of the Year Prize": for dramas in translation (Kerman, Iran, 2000)
  3. "Book of the Year Prize": for dramas in translation (Kerman, Iran, 2001)
  4. "National Translator/Researcher Prize" on World Theatre Day, 2004, Tehran, Iran
  5. "National Translator/Researcher Prize" for researched translation of Steiner's The Death of Tragedy in 2005
  6. "Appreciation Plaque" from the Royal Norwegian Ambassador to Iran in the Ibsen Week held in Tehran in May, 2006
  7. Nationwide Academic Book of the Year Prize for Ba Cheragh Dar Ayeneh Ha-ye Ghenas (With the Lamp in Distorted Mirrors), organized by University of Tehran, November 2006
  8. Distinguished Drama Critic in the 10th anniversary of Islamic Republic of Iran National Theater Critics and Writers'Hub, December 2008
  9. "Appreciation Plaque" from the Cultural Section of Tehran Municipality in "Sistan and Baloochestan Week" for research achievements in drama and criticism 2011